David Wilshaw M.S., P.G.

Professional experience in geology, sinkhole analysis, subsidence risk management, engineering geology including ground investigation, geophysics and ground risk management.

He has testified in support of his professional opinions on more than 150 occasions at deposition and over 40 times at jury trial.

He has been certified as a Neutral Evaluator of disputed sinkhole insurance claims by the State of Florida since 2011.


Sinkhole and Subsidence Risk Assessment

Britannia Solutions has specific expertise in assessing sinkhole risk in Florida, both in the context of new construction and by the forensic investigation of causes of damage to existing buildings.

David Wilshaw is an acknowleged expert in the field, having acted as the Professional Geologist of Record for almost a thousand individual sinkhole insurance loss investigations.

Ground Investigation and Ground Risk Management

We have decades of international experience in providing geological, hydrogeological and geotechnical advice for construction projects, including: housing, commercial and retail developments, major public buildings; big-box/warehouse developments; cinemas; theme parks; hotels; military installations, power plants, gas stations; and restaurants. We have extensive experience in geotechnical design for transportation infrastructure; including bridge, embankment, cutting and tunnel engineering for road, rail, airport and sea port projects.

In addition to assessing sinkhole risk associated with the Florida karst terrane, we have provided consulting services in relation to the mitigation of risk from shallow abandoned coal, limestone, and metal mining; including design and oversight of treatment schemes to stabilize open workings and mine shafts.