Neutral Evaluation of Disputed Sinkhole Insurance Claims


If your insurance company denied a claim for loss or damage based on the results of testing carried out by a professional engineer or geologist engaged by your insurance company, or you cannot agree on the method of repair and remediation recommended by the insurance company’s engineer, you have the option to request a Neutral Evaluation. This alternative dispute resolution process, which involves the use of a state-certified Neutral Evaluator, is authorized under Section 627.7074, Florida Statutes.

“Neutral evaluator” means a professional engineer or professional geologist who has completed a course of study in alternative dispute resolution designed or approved by the Department of Financial Services (department) for use in the neutral evaluation process and who is determined by the department to be fair and impartial.

David Wilshaw has completed the required course of study and has been certified as a Neutral Evaluator since November 2011. Since that time, he has completed around 135 evaluations throughout Florida.

Neutral Evaluations are scheduled via the Department of Financial Services:

DFS Request for Neutral Evaluation