David Wilshaw has contributed to news items for ABC Channel 9 ActionNews and Fox 35 News in the Orlando Area. He appeared on Central Florida Spotlight for ABC Channel 9 in July, 2017. He has also appeared on national television having appeared on CBS Evening News with Jeff Gloor in May, 2018.

He also contributed to two seasons of the UK Documentary “Sinkholes: Buried Underground” which aired on Channel 5 in the UK in 2017 and 2018, syndicated in the USA on The Science Channel as “Sinkholes: Swallowed Alive” which first aired in February, 2019. He also contributed to the 2019 season of Engineering Catastrophes (Science Channel) and in 2020 recorded material for a new Discovery Channel series airing in 2021.

He has also been featured in articles for published and online media for Daily Mail Online, The Sunday Times Magazine, the Orlando Sentinel, The Washington Post, Newsweek, The Atlantic, and The Smithsonian Magazine, amongst others.

His national radio appearances include The World with Marco Werman (Public Radio International).

The Villages: Smithsonian Magazine

In 2020, David was provided YouTube content on tunnelling in Florida and gave a presentation on the Engineering Geology of Florida to the Geological Society of London, which was also posted on YouTube: