Advanced Continuous Surface Wave (ACSW) Testing


Advanced Continuous Surface Wave (ACSW) testing uses surface geophones to measure the speed at which surface Rayleigh waves (generated by a vibratory ‘shaker’) travel through the ground over a range of frequencies. Using advanced software, ACSW provides a representative shear wave velocity (Vs) profile, which can be used for site assessment or to provide highly accurate ground stiffness values.

ACSW testing provides high quality stiffness data, which can be used to optimize a wide range of geotechnical engineering solutions via non-intrusive site assessments to create shear wave velocity profiles. ACSW stiffness data will greatly improve the accuracy of simple limit state analyses and is ideally suited for input into more complex analyses such as Finite Element modelling.

David Wilshaw is President of Ground Stiffness Surveys LLC and offers ACSW Testing both nationally and internationally.

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